Training courses

specific trainings on our radio products and energy systems.

Certification Program

Townet periodically organizes technical training courses aimed at system integrators and TLC / WISP operators and installers of video surveillance systems.
The 2-day course is taught by specialized trainers with practical tests and the use of the same equipment currently on the list.
Special attention is given to the aspects of frequency planning, performance, stability and security of links. In addition, the power systems of radio devices and the equipment interconnected to them are also discussed in depth.

Course Schedule.

1. Introduction to Townet products
Company presentation
The standard products and in Consip agreement
Antennas, Accessories and Software

2. Installation of products
Introduction to radio frequencies
Wiring of sites
Equipment targeting
Application of security criteria

3. Firmware Router OS
Access to configuration
Firmware update systems
Basic configuration parameters
Configuring a radio link

4. Energy Station
Product Overview.
Controls and configuration
IP camera power supply
OS Node and IoT remote control

5. SMART BOX power supply cabinets
Overview of available versions
The management of the lamppost cycle
The use of solar panels

6. Cloud Management
Cloud device management
Remote management
Data analysis