TW-IDU-Node 2

the revolutionary energy station

manages multiple sources of energy

Thanks to smart PoE supply every standard and not standard load such as PoE+, 802.3af & 802.2at devices, IP-Cameras, IP-Phones, PBXs, Access Points, Switches, CPEs, Routers, providing Output Voltage in case of black out. The Output supply is selectable in continous way between 24V up to 52V.

Easy to use Solar Panel. Work as step-up way and reserve energy on lower radiation. Integrated intelligent Power Management allow you to optimize your systems using the battery charger. A great solution for video survelliance or wireless installation on street lamps.

protection, modularity and control

Integrated strong Lightning Protection from overvoltage and shocks. Software overcurrent protection when overloaded and/or output short-circuit occur. Lightning protection 25KA (8/20us) differential mode. Polarity reversal protection. Overvoltage protection up to 43Vdc.

Device perfomance and all is linked on CAN Bus can be controlled in remote way by the OS Node operating system. The management can be realized with PC, Tablet and smartphone. In clustered environment sharing and recharging one battery with more PoE, no SPOF technology (Single Point Of Failure)

smart and easy to install modules

Embedded microprocessor with I/O & ADC (Analog to Digital Controller) ports collects energy station data such as data log, input/output voltage, supply status, current monitor, temperature monitor etc. It is also possible without supply.

Din Clip located in a rear side of device allows to align more TW-IDU-NODE to the same Din Bar. The installation is fast, safe and reliable, reducing dimensions.

2 models available