Integrated solutions to power supply and control CCTV and WISP systems

available in 2 versions, depending on the energy sources available, they are the quick and reliable solution to power and remotely control PoE or DC devices such as video surveillance cameras and wireless telecommunication devices or wifi hot spots.

street lamp version

solar panel version

Smart Box

ideal for improve video surveillance systems CCTV,

ANPR systems, security site control,

wireless networks and public wifi stations

With LiFePO4 lithium batteries, safety and efficiency at the highest possible level. No deep discharge problems, or battery pack deterioration.It is possible to carry out over 2000 deep discharge / charge cycles without worrying about the health of the batteries, and weight and volume reduction.

street lamp cycle version

When the main power supply is discontinuous, as in the case of street lamps, the SmartBox guarantee energy continuity through the intelligent management of charge cycles. The integrated SNMP module allows remote control of the system charging status and the management of automatic alarms.

the new industrial managed switches allow to simultaneously power 24V and 48V POE devices up to 60W (802.3BT). They are also equipped with SFP ports.

solar version

in case of total absence of continuous energy sources, the Solar version allows to achieve a perfect balance between consumption and sources through the use of solar panels. Ideal for video surveillance systems on construction sites, illegal landfills or emergency telecommunication systems.


IoT software to control in real time all energy values, temperatures, door openings and all the values of the environmental sensors connected to the box. Available for free on all SmartBoxes. It does not require additional hardware.

Smart City

Turn your video surveillance system into a Smart City project. In addition to the IoT controls for the energy variables, SmartBox are designed to host temperature, humidity, CO2 and PM5 / PM10 sensors and Lorawan clients. We offer customized design solutions for municipalities and multi-utility companies.

Mounting Kit including

All Smart Box cabinets are supplied with a strong pole mounting kit that simplifies installation and ensures stability

Dimensions SmartBox Lithium L75

made in italy