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Authorized Material Return Request (RMA)

  1. Fields marked with * are required.
  2. Townet Customer Code is listed on invoices or Bills of Lading as Customer Code.
  3. Choose the type of RMA required Normal or Advanced (See conditions below).
  4. Enter a line for each product for which you intend to request RMA. Report Commercial Code, serial number (found on the device label), and defect found.
  5. Submission of the RMA request implies automatic acceptance of the RMA Terms below.






    CODICE | SERIALE | DIFETTO ( 1 riga per prodotto )


    RMA Normal

    • If the returned apparatus manifests the defect complained of it will be repaired or replaced with an equivalent apparatus and returned at our expense.
    • If the returned apparatus does not show any problem you will be charged a flat rate of: euro 50.00 + vat for radio apparatus – euro 15.00 + vat for power apparatus, as reimbursement of expenses incurred and will be sent back at customer’s expense.

    RMA Advanced (Advance Replacement)

    • The replacement apparatus will be shipped with immediate accompanying invoice.
    • If the apparatus is not received by us within 15 days or upon inspection is found to be in working order, the replacement apparatus will be considered sold and payment of the invoice will be required.
    • A Credit Note will be issued if the returned apparatus is found to be actually faulty.
    • If not specified, Normal type will be applied.
    • Functional also means the product for which the only operation to be performed is to update and load the firmware.
    1. Only the apparatus should be sent to us, do not send the accessories (PoE, power supply, Mounting Kit, cables or other) with attached copy of this form correctly filled out in all parts and signed for acceptance.
    2. The product to be returned, inside its original packaging (or in its absence, with suitable packaging), must be adequately protected in order to avoid damage during transport. Product that arrives damaged will lose its warranty and will be returned to the sender, freight collect.
    3. The product to be returned must have the warranty seal intact; otherwise the repair will be considered out of warranty and they will be repaired upon acceptance of an estimate.
    4. Shipping of the warranty product to Townet will be at the customer’s expense. Return of the repaired or replaced product will be at Townet’s expense, by our courier service. Any storage charges for wrong consignee or non-receipt are the responsibility of the Customer. Products that are sent in not under warranty or with failures such that the warranty has lapsed will be repaired upon acceptance of a quote.
    5. TOWNET Ltd. reserves the right to issue a credit note without anything else being due for failure to replace or repair.