Quality certifications

The new 900 series is characterized by the IEEE 802.11ac standard that allows you to get exceptional performance with a modulation up to 866 Mbps thanks to the channel spacing up to 80 MHz.

disponibili nelle versioni:

900-20-BR Bridge Mimo Datasheet
Base Station  
900-40-BS Base Station mimo dual radio Datasheet
900-40-BS L Base Station mimo dual radio compact Datasheet
900-20-BS Base Station singol radio compact Datasheet
900-20-BS xx
Base Station integrated ant. 60° or 90° Datasheet
Cpe Client or short Bridge  
900-30-SU Cpe Mimo Datasheet
900-40-SU Cpe Mimo High Performance 24.5dBi Datasheet
Hot Spot  
900-40-HS Multiband Integrated Hotspot Datasheet
900-40-HS D Multiband Dettached Hotspot Datasheet
Cpe & Hotspot Mimo Datasheet

The 900 series, based on the new 802.11ac standard, is fully compatible with the previous 300 series.

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