Sectoral Antennas

Townet Sector Antennas are optimal for high-gain point-to-multipoint connections and for roofs in Base Station mode.  

Also available in Dual Slant double polarization to optimize bandwidth usage. 

Download the datasheets and find the product that best suits your needs!

55-36-18V Sector Antenna 30 °  [ Datasheet ]

30 ° sectoral antenna with vertical polarization with 34 ° -38 ° illumination beam opening and high resistance to interference.  

55-60-NV Sectoral Antenna 60 °  Datasheet ]

Sectorial professional use with gain of 16dBi and 60 ° coverage. Ideal for use in pairs with the  300-20-BS Base Station.

55-90-NV Sectoral Antenna 90 °  [ Datasheet ]

Sector with a gain of 16dBi and 90 ° of coverage, ideal for medium and long distance coverings. Paired with the  300-20-BS Base Station.

55-120-NV Sectoral Antenna 120 °  [ Datasheet ]

15dBi of gain and 120 ° of coverage, suitable for covering large areas. Always ideal paired with the 300-20-BS .

55-60-NDS Sectoral Antenna 60 ° Dual Slant  Datasheet ]

Stable and efficient performance with 17dBi gain and Dual Slant antenna ± 45, 60 ° with double direction of vertical and horizontal wave propagation. With the double polarization inclined at 45 °, minor disturbances can be avoided, avoiding any kind of overlap, significantly improving network performance. The Dual Slant approach has the advantage of optimizing the use of the frequency spectrum, increasing the number of transmissible channels within the same band. Ideal in pairs with the new 300-40-BS  Base Station 

55-90-NDS Sectoral Antenna 90 ° Dual Slant  Datasheet ]

Sector with IP67 protection and 16 dBi gain with all the advantages of the Dual Slant , paired with the new 300-40-BS .