300-40-BS Multistandard Base Station



300-40-BS is the new Townet Base Station with metal enclosure and 2 separate radios.

Much better performances than the previous model and more practical solutions for a better use. Equipped with the new high performance power supply.

300-40-BS is the last evolution of Townet R&D, the result of the engineering of individual components and in-depth studies on optimizing performance.

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New features:

  • Aluminum unit-cast
  • Interference immunity between radio
  • MiMo technology
  • Simplified pole installation
  • Integrated applications suite
  • N-filter connectors (optional)

300-40-BS is based on MIMO technology (multi input multi output) which allows a maximum available bandwidth of 200 Mbps per sector (excluding TCP Throughput). It is also available the hardware compression of radio packets, which further enhances the capability of transport. Thanks to the Gigabit port you can use the device full throughput.

New N-filter connectors introduced for even reduced interference to radio signals.


TW-IDU NODE included!

The packaging contains the new energy station Townet with CAN Bus and integrated microprocessor.

Winning Couple!

Do you want to create a stable and efficient network? The 300-30-SU MiMo CPE in Dual Polarization is the ideal solution for you! Townet CPEs can be rotated 45° for a perfect alignment with the Dual Slant antennas, increasing the number of channels transmitted within the same band, also reducing the noise in the radio spectrum.